Starting to get a little excited !!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

So I'm still going strong with my workouts and I do feel a lot better....I have been working out for a week now and I've lost almost 3lbs ... I'm slowly picking up speed on the treadmill and now I'm up to 2.3 mph with a couple of minutes of 2.5mph .....Not bad for someone who thought exercise was walking to the fridge :) I may even get serious enough to do some serious dieting ....All jokes aside I have to do this for me ...The tops of my fingers are all going dumb from my diabetes and it scares me crazy ......I want to move back to Canada and Mike and I actually be able to hike and become outdoors people...Mike is working out with me and that makes it much easier......Well I have to keep it short tonight ...Mike is going up to Utah to see his kids in the morning and I have to help him pack....It's going to be really lonely here this weekend but absents makes the heart grow fonder or so they say ....Have you ever wondered who they are and why they say such silly things and why do they contradict themselves by saying out of sight out of mind  .....Oh well I miss the ocean so much I wish we could go back already

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