Road trip to the Grand Canyon

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We went to see the Grand Canyon 2008 ...We were living in Bullhead City AZ and I hated it so much ...I'm orginally from Canada eh and you can't put a Canadian in the desert ..It just goes against everything I had ever known and then when I went out on my patio to smoke one night (yes I used to be a smoker but its almost two years since I quit and believe me I won't be going back to it ) but this is what I saw on the outside wall at 3am in the morning ..........

Well that did it for me I was screaming but I did manage to take a picture :)  before I got my poor Michael with no contacts in to smash it at least 8 times ....Anyways there were some nice road trips while in AZ and the Grand Canyon was one of them I have a few photos to share with you I hope you enjoy

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