The spoiled Cat

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

His name is MaCavity and he has been with us since he was 6 wks old ...He is now 6 yrs old and it's even hard to call him a pet....He is part of our family and a spoiled part at that .......He loves boxes, treats,and yogurt.... We sleep in our bed at night and he sleeps there all day.... He loves drumsticks once his daddy eats the nuts and chocolate part of course ...He also loves and will beg you for bottled water ....He sleeps on his daddy's baby blanket but his favorite thing of all is slippers ....He will stick his paws in them and use them for a pillow when he sleeps ......Well a few weeks ago I went and got myself a new pair slippers and they were so comfy but each time I went to get them MaCavity had them with his stuff and when I would put them on he would stare at my feet like I had taken a part of his body and was walking all over it :)...........

So I went out to a thrift store and got him his own sleepers and when I got home I told him my slippers were now mine again and these I had got today was his ....Well from that moment on mine were not appealing to him at all but he adores his

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