My Grandparents

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lately you both have been on my mind and I think of those carefree days
When I would run barefoot to your house next door singing all the way
I never had to knock before I went inside because I knew I was always welcomed there
You Gram were always in the kitchen  while grandda was finally resting in his rocking chair

Grandda would say awwwwwww by chippers come sit with me and let me tell you about the old days
And I was content to sit there eating my favorite candy Gram would get as my head on his shoulder lay
Some days I miss you two so much but I can still feel you both very near as you watch over me
Your love and kindness guiding me My guardian angels shedding light on my path for me to see

Grandda remember how you would let me take your horse Nell and haul out your winter wood
When I got out Gram and I would unload the sled and pack away the wood the best we could
Then I think of the year before you died and you told me all about your dream
Its something that will stay in my mind forever I think about it a lot it seems

You told me how you were going up a ladder and you were climbing it all alone
You were making your final journey and then you were at last going home
You told me your God had returned and he had said you must walk the righteous way with me my son
You said you were begging others to follow you so they could reap their reward when their life was done

Then you were gone and it seems Gram was never the same without you in her life each day
Sadly we watched her slowly slip from us and her tired lonely mind began to stray
They all told us it was normal for her to act the way she did with the disease that had stole her mind
But I still think she had just given up when your strong arms and tender voice were no longer there to find

Well tonight I sit here and think about how you both touched my life in a way like no one else
Tears running down my face I hold your memories guarded and locked inside my self
I just beg of you never leave my side and guard me till my journey is ended here
Then I will walk with you both and relive those memories we had once shared

© 2008 Kat Bair

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