Back from Vacation

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi everyone
I'm back from vacation and I had the most wonderful time ever ....I went with my bestest friend Mike and even if it's our third trip to the Oregon Coast it's always like the first time ..... We went through Salt Lake and Nevada to get there ...Salt lake was ok but Nevada is desert and thats all I'm saying about that :)  The first night we were in Florence Oregon  the roar of the ocean was so loud I couldn't sleep but after the first night it was like a soft lullaby that gently rocked me to sleep each night.....I'm not much for walking but I could walk the beaches there everyday and never get tired of it .........

After 6 days on the coast and ending up in Washington we went inland and went through forest and mountains ....It was so beautiful ....Then we went through parts of Idaho and I love that State , to see the golden foothills ....I wanted to be back there living again.......Then we ended up in Montana ...I must say I am not a great lover of any Montana towns but the scenery is magnificent there and I even got to go to Little Big Horn (Custer's last stand ) and I loved that ....It was very emotional for me because I had heard so much about it from my Dad and it made me sad that he had passed and couldn't see it with me .....Then we came down through Wyoming and again Wyoming is not one of my favorite states but it leads home to Colorado and It's like Mike said no matter where you live it's always great to get home because home is home .....

So Its time to get back to reality now and work on getting ready to move to Canada and then I will be truly home :)

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