Re-inventing sometimes hurt

Friday, October 28, 2011

So I mentioned way back when I first started this journey of re-inventing that I would tell you a little more about myself and what has made me the person I am and the person I wish to become....I hope when you read the poem that follows you will understand....Some days it's still so hard, but what happen so many years ago in my life has shaped me into the person I am today ...I still have lots of healing to do but with healing comes growth and with growth come re-inventing ....I'm so thankful for this blog and you may ask what has this got to do with yesterday ....Well this was my yesterday.......

Sketches Of My Life

An innocent little baby girl starting of in life
Only knowing true happiness a life never touched by strife
    Always having someone to love and protect her from all harm
Everyone around captivated by her smile and charm
Playing with dolls and pretending she had babies of her own
Giving them hugs and kisses and love like she has known
 Each night dreaming visions of what tomorrow would hold
Never knowing the journey she would take would be so hard and cold
The little girl has grown now into a teenage child
Somewhat a rebel but still capuring hearts with her smile
She had made so many friends and her journey was beginning to look so bright
Still dreaming of tomorrow when she closed her eyes at night
Dating a young man that had won his way into her trusting heart
With so much innocence down the path of life with him would start
Never reading or even knowing all the signs and red flags that would appear
She just plunged into adulthood down a path that would be filled with pain and fear
Here she is now four years later pain written across her face
Years added and her empty blackened eyes staring off in space
She had already lived a lifetime of pain that no words could ever explain
He had beaten her into submission stole her soul and left she chained
She could find no way to escape he had stolen her desire to be free
She was left with nothing but fear of what tomorrow would be
 Her dreams were filled of wanting to be with someone who would care
Her journey was growing darker Her heart like her path was bare

Well finally twenty-eight years later she had at last broken free
But she was bearing so many battle scars as in her face you see
Life had not be so kind to her and it had added years to her face
But now she was free from him and in this world would find her place

Her mind had blocked each memory so her innocence would be still intact
Those years were now all missing pieces that she wished would not come back
But still bits and pieces keep creeping in reminding her of the journey she took
She tries so hard to put it behind her but her face still bears the blank look

Now three years later shes married a man that showers her with love
It seems someone heard her prayers and sent this angel from above
Most of the pain has left her face and her smile she has found once more
Shes now treated like a princess from a man that she loves and adores
She now feels like shes sixteen once more and the years has left her face
He treats her with respect and vows in his heart she will always have a place
She still has days when memories come back and she feel her abusers pull
But she is now stronger and more wiser and will never let him regain her soul

10 yrs later

©2008 Kat Bair 

Here is the second step into re-inventing yourself ....Until next friday.........

2. Write about your reinvention.
Imagine a scene from it, or write about how you’d like it to play out. Where are you living? What do you do in the mornings, afternoon, evenings? Who are your friends? What do you spend your days doing?
Continue writing for as long as this exercise feels invigorating and exciting. Write scenes, dialogues, lists, plans. Make the future come alive. Write about how it will feel to be there. Keep your writing somewhere where you will look at it occasionally. Feel free to add to it....Melissa Kirk

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