Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hi Everyone
It seems like forever since I have actually wrote a post for my blog. My new year thing was to start blogging again but real life happens and it has a way of putting any plans I have on hold for a while.

I wanted to take a moment to give an update on my health, I am feeling a little better pain wise but not a big lot. I am in treatment for my PTSD and depression and yes I am even taking medication and I just finished up a group therapy and my psychiatrist have suggested I take some counselling sessions for BPD and my PTSD. I will be assessed for that in a couple of weeks

So enough about that. I still haven't decided what I wanted this blog to be about so I guess I will continue rambling on about different things and hopefully you will stick with me.

Twenty eighteen was not a good year for us, it seems we are always struggling and looking for the light we know is coming but can't seem to catch a glimpse of it yet. My husband had an accident a year and a half ago and now the doctor and put him off work completely because of his injuries.
We had to move forom our previously beautiful big condo and moved to a beautiful very small apartment because of finance and health reasons and I had to downsize quite a bit so that is taking some getting use to.
It's hard when I'm going down my little hallway and if Mike decides to come from the opposite direction one of us has to step to the side or backup :) We have got used to it has much as possible in the year we have been here and if nothing else it has brought us closer (play on words)

The cats MaCavity and Shylah are still doing good except for MaCavity (Maine Coon) got bad legs and some days you can see he is in pain. Shylah (Siamese) still hates me and refuses to even be in the same room as I am but she has taken a liking to Mike so at least she is having some kind of human relationship.

I can't believe its the 20th of January already and we just got our first significant snowfall and now the temps are bitterly cold but it's too late in the season to complain I guess.

Well now that is all out of the way I am going to go look for something for lunch and be lazy the rest of the day. Say hi if you're still out there and still following so I can drop by and check on your news.

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